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Mixed Martial Arts is becoming increasingly more popular.  I’ve always loved it, ever since the beginning in the early 90s.  I’ve also done martial arts myself, so it helps when i go to photograph these events, to anticipate the shot, cause the action is so fast and unpredictable.  The stuff  that’s in magazines contains stagnant, same  scape photos, where the fighters are always fighting and the same size.  I like to mix it up…


Third World Clinic

Early this year, I travelled to Guatemala with some other photographers.  I decided to spend 5 days and nights at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation house in Antigua.  The men primarily prep the food for their meals, most of the day… downtime at night (pool, dominos, reading, ect.), with a 2 hour group meeting.  Some woman from a local church and former residents, visited there 2 out of the 5 days I was present.  Here are some photos from that week…

Stadium Revival

All of the first week I was in Haiti, a separate  group was talking about a Christian revival at the stadium.  I had no idea when I showed up, the photographer of that crew, got me all access.  It was a trip by the time the stadium filled, and we got working.  Also, on the ass end of the post, a tent service when I first got to the country. “All Right, all right, all right”…Enjoy.

From the  tent service…

Haitian Streets

Here’s some street photography from Haiti.  Jumping on and off the “tap-taps”(trucks filled with about a dozen or so people) to get around or the motor-taxis (bikes) just ripping through the city, much fun.

ER Haiti

First photo blog from Nomadic Mirrors, will be the time I spent with some of the ER staff from Dartmouth/Keene of NH, in Haiti.  No paper work, a quick in and out…it’s a, “Come on in, let me take a look, looks like this, go get this, happy we could help.”  This group was great, the one day I got to shoot, it was a lot of fun, especially the gruesome teeth pulling operation, right when you walk through the front door.  At one point, Ed looks at me when he’s pulling a tough one out of someone’s grill, as I’m there a little close in on a  “hail mary” to get the shot…ED- “You mind”, as I’m inches away from his head with the 35mm.  ME- “No, pretend I’m not here.”  So I got in the way briefly, didn’t affect that i got the shot.  And I got a sequence of “H” pulling his first tooth, tough to stomach, not for me more than you, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Thanks for a great time Ed, great host.  More Haiti to come, street photography, Voodoo, Christianity, and also work from Guatemala.  Enjoy!!!