ER Haiti

First photo blog from Nomadic Mirrors, will be the time I spent with some of the ER staff from Dartmouth/Keene of NH, in Haiti.  No paper work, a quick in and out…it’s a, “Come on in, let me take a look, looks like this, go get this, happy we could help.”  This group was great, the one day I got to shoot, it was a lot of fun, especially the gruesome teeth pulling operation, right when you walk through the front door.  At one point, Ed looks at me when he’s pulling a tough one out of someone’s grill, as I’m there a little close in on a  “hail mary” to get the shot…ED- “You mind”, as I’m inches away from his head with the 35mm.  ME- “No, pretend I’m not here.”  So I got in the way briefly, didn’t affect that i got the shot.  And I got a sequence of “H” pulling his first tooth, tough to stomach, not for me more than you, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Thanks for a great time Ed, great host.  More Haiti to come, street photography, Voodoo, Christianity, and also work from Guatemala.  Enjoy!!!


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