“From the front, to the back, to the mezcal bar” (Cafe No Se’)

  I will only drink fucking Mezcal.  Mezcal is NOT tequila, though it comes from the same plant, agave, just dont call it fucking tequila .  Mezcal’s time, patience, and its mystique makes it like no other booze.  Not a big drinker, by any means, but in “moderation” and what this spirit means to me, portrays its beauty .   It is produced by people dedicated to the process, which is an insanely particular and intimate process, unlike tequila which is mass produced in factories.  A bar located in Antigua, Cafe No Se’, takes pride in their Mezcal which is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico.  The ambience in No Se’, empowered by simple candle light, makes for great frames, using light coming from all different directions and amounts.  John Rexer, owner of Cafe No Se’, has brought it upon himself and his bar to promote Mezcal worldwide.  Eric, our main producer, our main man for Mezcal, visited from Oaxaca to see John, talk business, and also educate us employees on the “ins'” and “outs” of Mezcal.  Eric is one of the top 3 producers of Mezcal in all of Mexico.  And of course during the night, we enjoyed drinking Mezcal, the atmosphere of Cafe No Se’, and the patrons, who are some of the most interesting characters and artists (photographers, filmmakers, writers, painters, ect.) you will ever come across.  This was a “shit show” of a night not solely because of Eric’s visit, just because Saturday nights like these are routine for a bar like Cafe No Se’.  Nights filled with good conversations, boisterous laughs, and phenomenal live music, are the all too common factors for making No Se’, No Se’.   Next up, I will be traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico in the next few months, to dive in with a couple of mirrors, and capturing the essence of this process which creates this mystical spirit, Mezcal.

Yeah…I get to work here…but I really wouldn’t call it work exactly… Vamos A Oaxaca Cerotes!!!


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